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La Ciudad Deportiva

My dissertation, titled "Between Civic Association and Mass Consumption: The Soccer Clubs of Buenos Aires", examines how clubs developed as both centers of mass spectacle and sites of everyday urban sociability. I argue that soccer clubs gave shape and meaning to civic engagement, popular spectacle, and mass consumption - crucial phenomena in the unfolding of governing relations and social practices in the city. As a Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellow at MATRIX, MSU's Digital Humanities Center, I developed a prototype for a digital dissertation that enables the reader to interact with primary sources and metadata. This concept was featured alongside the work of other graduate studies pursuing digital work in their degrees in a Chronicle of Higher Education piece. You can see a Youtube video where I discuss my dissertation for MSU's Communications and Brand Strategy Office here. I aim for my research and completed dissertation to be at the forefront of exciting changes in open, accessible, and innovative work in digital history. For a short 'elevator speech' about my dissertation, please view this video about my research on Peter Alegi's blog.



Gradhacker is a web platform for graduate students to share advice, collaborate, and "hack" their programs, workflows, and personal lives. I helped co-found the group with several MSU grad students from varied disciplines and, since then, our blog, podcast, and workshops have been a success.

A sampling of my gradhacking and press for the project:

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Football Scholars Forum

Football Scholars Forum

The Football Scholars Forum is an online academic community based in the History Department at Michigan State University that I co-founded with Peter Alegi in 2010. A soccer think-tank, its members have varied research interests related to the beautiful game. The group brings together authors, professors, graduate students, journalists and others to discuss works on fĂștbol in a discussion setting. The group has built an open syllabus repository, shared Zotero library, football films database, and has featured guests including Ray Hudson, David Goldblatt, and Laurent Dubois.